Join A Club or Society

WHY JOIN a Club or society?

Clubs and Societies are the lifeblood of campus activity and provide you with a great opportunity to throw yourself into University life. They are the place to enjoy a current interest or develop new ones. Many students look back at their time spent in Clubs & Socs as one of their highlights- the opportunities for friendship, social development and personal growth are almost unlimited!

MU Clubs and Societies have their home on the first floor of the Union building- just follow the pink signage. Up here you will find our Clubs & Socs Co-ordinators Mary Mc and Mary B who are always on hand to train, support and help ensure the smooth running of your Club or Society. The Clubs and Socs workspace, meeting rooms, storage and printing facilities are all here for your use.

MSU administers MU Clubs and Societies- there is even a dedicated website with all the info you need: