Represent Fellow Students

As you make your way through University life you might be attracted by the need to improve the quality of student life on campus, or to further things for the student body as a whole. There are many ways that you can represent your fellow students as part of Maynooth Students' Union.

MSU Academic REP

An Academic REP  strives to make the college experience of every single student here better. Academic REPs represent the students in their course within their Faculty. For example, if you were a First Year undergraduate studying music you could become the Academic REP for your year in music within the Faculty of Arts alongside reps for music technology and other music courses.

As an Academic REP you’ll provide the vital link between both the officers of the Union and the general student body, whether this is coming into your Education Officer to say that your class feels annoyed about a problem with facilities, or going to a lecturer and giving some constructive feedback about their class.

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MSU Student Senator

Every year, students are elected into MSU Senator positions. Together with the 4 Full-Time and 6 Part-Time Officers officers they form the MSU Senate and play a key role in representing the needs and views of students, overseeing the work of the Union and informing MSU policy.

In order to ensure the diverse student population is represented on Senate some of the roles have a particular focus. For example; the Green Campus Senator would have an interest in green issues etc.

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Every year, 4 students are elected to work full-time to improve the lives of students at Maynooth University. They are the voice of Maynooth students, and as part of the MSU Executive play a key role in shaping education, engagement, student welfare and services at the University, and lead MSU as an organisation to make sure it is doing everything it can for its members.

In addition, 6 students are elected to work part-time alongside the Full-Time officers to form the MSU ExecutiveThese roles would suits current students looking to play a key role within the Union alongside their studies.

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