New Student Centre

New Student Centre

The new Student Centre will serve as the hub for student life on the campus and is part of the next phase of Maynooth University’s campus development plan. The plan is aimed at providing the critically important campus buildings and infrastructure needed to meet the changing needs of students, staff, and the wider community.

Our vision for the new Student Centre at Maynooth is to provide a home for student life - creating a gathering place that is adaptable, flexible and versatile. A home were students can relax, interact and socialise. The creation of a home is as much about creating the right feel - a feeling of belonging, a place to relax enjoying easy company, sharing simple foods, a home away from home. Make believe and role play in this environment is as much about human development as formal tuition. The new Student Centre will be a multifunctional building that can host seminars, conferences, trade shows, theatrical productions, movie nights and celebrations!

The provision of the new University ‘Outdoor Living Room’ sheltered beneath a canopy of sustainability, will provide a new social heart to campus life; whilst marking and celebrating the next exciting phase of the University’s development. Designed to attract the best students from Ireland and around the world to Maynooth, the new Student Centre will be a statement of the University’s commitment to future growth and sustainability and will represent the University’s confidence in the students of Maynooth and their continued standards of excellence and overachievement in the wider world.


The new Student Centre will serve as a home-from-home for students and a focal point for student life. The new building will open in early 2021 and serve as a hub for MSU, Clubs, Societies, events and a wider variety of activities that help to create that special sense of belonging that is so important to the Maynooth student experience.