Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees

There shall be a Board of Trustees to defend the long-term interests of the Union and oversight and responsibility in relation to the Union’s financial, commercial, budgetary and corporate governance matters and shall oversee the following aspects of the Union’s:

  • Finances, financial management and financial planning
  • Commercial activities and commercial development
  • Expenditure and financial controls
  • Corporate governance
  • Implementing a conflict of interest policy which shall be binding on all officers of the Union
  • Policies, procedures and costs in relation to expense payments to Union officers and staff and all comparable expenditure
  • Employment and management of staff

The Board of Trustees shall:

  • Before final approval by the Board of Trustees, review, comment upon, and amend the Union’s annual budget, in consultation with the President and the finance function of the Union
  • Present the Union’s approved annual budget to the Executive and the Student Senate annually;
  • Monitor compliance with the Union’s annual budget on a regular basis
  • Make appropriate proposals to the President to rectify any negative deviation from the budget
  • Ensure that annual accounts are prepared and audited and appoint the Union’s auditors
  • Present the audited annual accounts to the Executive and the Student Senate annually
  • Assist the President in developing the Union’s strategic plan
  • Approve the Union’s strategic plan
  • Safeguard the Unions’ assets
  • Determine annually, at least six weeks before the election of the Sabbatical Officers for the following academic year, the Terms & Conditions of Officership for the Sabbatical Officers for the following academic year

Membership of the Board

Article 17.5 of the MSU Constitution outlines the membership of the Board of Trustees, as follows:

  • The MSU President
  • The most immediate past MSU President
  • Not less than five other external members who have demonstrated considerable commercial and administrative skills

Committees of the Board

Board of Trustees shall have the following Standing Committees:

  • Election Ratification & Appeals Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Finance, Human Resources, & Capital Development Committee

The Finance, Human Resources, & Capital Development Committee of the Board of Trustees shall have the following standing Sub-Committees:

  • Commercial Activities Sub-Committee
  • Services & Facilities Sub-Committee