Vice President for Education

Failte Fellow Maynoothians,

My name is Michael Butler (Mick or Mike works too- I am not fussy) and I am your VP for Education and Deputy President of the Students’ Union. I have just finished my 4 years in Maynooth studying Biology and Maths teaching- As anyone whos knows me will say ‘God help the poor students’! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my time as a student was here in Maynooth. 

The beginning of my Maynooth experience was not as easy as I hoped. As most of ye know accommodation in Maynooth is in serious shortage and I ended up  having to take Digs accommodation in Enfield (20/25mins outside Maynooth). This really took its toll on extra-curricular activities and socialising. By the end of first year I was starting to doubt if college was really for me. I finished first year with two repeats to do and felt quite disheartened. I dragged myself through the repeats and just about made it into second year. 

When second year came around I had found accommodation in Maynooth. My love for the college and town of Maynooth began to grow. I initially became Academic Rep for my class, which lead onto a part-time officer at MSU, Orientation Leader, Student Ambassador and many more. I also found my love for Bradys, The Roost and Mantra(Mischief) too :)The odd afters often followed. Since then I can safely say Maynooth is a home away from home for me. I have tried to become the strongest version of myself and I want to help you along that path. 

So what am I here for? 

The simple answer is: I am here for you. We here at MSU are the link between the students and the University to try to make your time at college as easy as it can be.  Although my title is Education, it is so important to know my office door is always open for a chat or a cuppa tea. So please feel free to call in at any time and the kettle will always be on.

One bit of advice I will give you on your way to becoming a professional Maynoothian is to get involved. It is never too late to get involved in something new and Maynooth students are the most welcoming students I have found. Channel all your fears and stresses and be brave ‘it always seems impossible until it's done’. Take a deep breath and take a risk. GET INVOLVED!  

You should definitely consider becoming an Academic (class) Rep. It is such a fun and easy way to get involved with the Union and make the students’ voice heard!! The nomination forms will be available in the front office of MSU. If becoming an Academic Rep is not for you then check out all the Clubs and Societies on campus. There are over 100 clubs and societies  on campus and various positions on each committee.  

I am so excited to see you all around campus.

Overall have fun and make sure you get involved.

‘Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken’ and always remember no problem is ever too big or small for you with the help of the Union.

087 278 5204
michaelbutler371 (follow me on insta)