Vice President for Welfare and Equality

Hi everyone!

My name is Ciarán Watts and I am your Vice-President for Welfare & Equality this year! I’m from Dublin and I have been studying Primary School Teaching here in Maynooth for the last few years! You can call me Ciarán, Watts or Wattsy, as long as you call me when you need someone to talk to, because that’s what I’m here for!

Worried about something? Having a problem you need to talk about? Struggling with finances? Feeling down? Having trouble fitting in? Don’t think you are being treated right because of gender, sexuality, ethnic background, disability or because you’re a mature student? Looking for free condoms or lube? You can come talk to me about any of these issues or any other issue you’re facing. I’m always here for a chat and a cup of tea no matter who you are or whether you prefer Lyons or Barrys. 

This year I will be running BUCKET LOADS of campaigns on issues such as Mental Health, Sexual Health, Physical Health, Diversity, Disability Awareness and MORE! Want to get involved? Then make sure to join the WELFARE CREW! You’ll get to meet a load of cool people and help out in all of our campaigns!

I’ve been heavily involved with the Students’ Union for the last few years as a part-time officer, most recently as the Events and Promotions Officer. Tá Gaeilge agam agus tá grá mór agam don teanga. I love exercise and CrossFit (in case you haven’t heard) and I also love food.