Article 8.5 of the MSU Constitution provides for the composition of the MSU Student Senate


The Student Senate shall be composed of the following panels:

  • Executive Panel
  • Faculty Assemblies Panel
  • Postgraduate Panel
  • Clubs Council & Societies Council Panel
  • Interest Group Panel
  • Independent Panel

Details of the Student Senate panels shall be set out in Schedule 1 of the Constitution

Panel Membership

Membership of the Student Senate panels shall consist of the following:

Executive Members

  • President, ex officio
  • Vice President Education, ex officio
  • Vice President Welfare and Equality, ex officio
  • Vice President Student Life, ex officio
  • Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy Faculty Convenor, ex officio
  • Social Sciences Faculty Convenor, ex officio
  • Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor, ex officio
  • Oifigeach na Gaeilge (Irish Language Officer), ex officio
  • Postgraduate Representative, ex officio
  • Doctoral Postgraduate Representative, ex officio
  • Events & Promotions Officer, ex officio (Last year of position)

Faculty Council Members

  • Three Academic Representatives from the Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy Faculty Assembly
  • Three Academic Representatives from the Social Sciences Faculty Assembly
  • Three Academic Representatives from the Science & Engineering Faculty Assembly

Postgraduate Academic Representatives

  • Three Postgraduate Academic Representatives elected from the Postgraduate Academic Representatives

Clubs Council & Societies Council Panel

  • Two Presidents of a Clubs
  • Two Presidents of a Societies

Interest Group Members

  • Accommodation Senator
  • Campus Life Senator
  • Charity Senator
  • Community Senator
  • Commuter Senator
  • DARE Senator
  • Ethnic Diversity Senator
  • First Year Senator
  • Gender Equality Senator
  • Green Campus Senator
  • HEAR Senator
  • LGBT+ Senator
  • Mature Student Senator
  • Mental Health Senator
  • Part-Time Course Senator
  • St Patrick’s College Senator
  • Study Abroad & Erasmus + Senator

Independent Members

  • Four Independent Senators


Schedule of Members for 2019 - 20

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